Simplicity is the key feature of modern web design..

I’m glad to say that web design is better today than ever – and it’s continuing to improve. That’s not just because there are more web sites out there, so more good stuff to look at. There’s still an awful lot of crud too. I just think that more web designers know more about how to design than ever before.

The examples of my work They all look good, and are clear and easy to use.

The list below is a summary of many of the common features of typical “Web 2.0″ sites.

Clearly, a site doesn’t need to exhibit all these features to work well, and displaying these features doesn’t make a design “2.0″ – or good!

I’ve already addressed some of these factors in my introductory Current Style article. Also note my article on Real Web2.0 Design, which explains that the essence of Web2.0 design isn’t surface graphical effects but the discipline of simplicity.

1. Simplicity
2. Central layout
3. Fewer columns
4. Separate top section
5. Solid areas of screen real-estate
6. Simple nav
7. Bold logos
8. Bigger text
9. Bold text introductions
10. Strong colours
11. Rich surfaces
12. Gradients
13. Reflections
14. Cute icons
15. Star flashes

-Nitya tripathi